Welcome to Get Inspired!

Welcome to this inspirational website. Or something more than a website. A place where you can find some articles that will inspire you into a new “YOU”

“Life’s cocktail of different feelings

Each feeling with different flavour

Let the tasty ones flow into your life

And savour this essence forever… ”

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“Smile everyday! Nothing is more beautiful than that lovely smile which comes from your heart”

Smile is the most beautiful makeup you wear!


“Embrace the glorious mess you are

Quit the perfect imperfect war

Adorn yourself with serenity

Go find peace with your emacity!”

Life is the greatest gift you’ve ever got. Embrace it. Embrace every struggle, every pain, every flower that blooms for you. But in the end don’t forget to smile!

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I long to create a world where peace is the only one that rules…

Let’s join our hands together and make this world an amazing place where ego is replaced by humanity


I have carved the stories of millions of people in form of inspiring verses and articles. There are times when we feel alone. We all have an untold story, hidden from the entire world deep inside our heart. Or probably we just aren’t able to share it with anyone. At that time it becomes a bit difficult to live with and we just need a way to get rid of them. A little smile and positivity does helps and make a big difference. My style of writing verses is ballads. Articles include various random thoughts that pop up in my head.

You can read more about me as well as the content of the website on the about page.

About page


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Your hobbies are your life. Something which you love to do. Spend more time with them. Live the way you want…

I have some of my hobbies which I would like to share

  • I love photography. I don’t have an actual camera, but yeah I do have a nice android. I like to capture nature and landscapes (red skies especially). You can have a look at them on photography page


  • I love to sketch. Its one of the best time of the week. A lovely Sunday afternoon with my favourite music and my drawing tools beside my imagination. What a lovely time. I make a sketch every week. You can have a look at one of my best sketches

Art Page

  • Music is one thing which I always wanted to make. I make tunes mixing up various genres like alternative rock, electro music and pop. You can hear them on the SoundCloud link below. I hope you like it


I hope you have an amazing time here. Enjoy the blogs and articles. Click here for all the posts Happy Reading!